Something Different 1

I never knew the rattle snake was the first Navy Jack. I can understand you retiring it for a while and going skinny dipping. Bring a towel with a rattler on it. It might ward off anyone offering you a cup of tea.

tugster: a waterblog

Something Different  (SD) is a joint venture of  tugster and coldisthesea.

For this first launch, let’s do Q and A format:  Doesn’t the yellow rattlesnake flag so common in political rallies recently  have a maritime history?  What IS that maritime history?

Below is an example of the flag, flying over a great coffee, beer, and lunch place up in Cold Spring, New York (across the river from West Point) .

These yellow flags with rattlesnakes you may have started seeing everywhere. . .  they are not new.  I trace them back to the contrarian from Pennsylvania who played with lightning, yes … Benjamin Franklin.  He also extolled the health benefits of skinnydipping and created bifocals, without which we older folk couldn’t exist.  His wit generated such gems as “fish and visitors stink in three days” and “beer is evidence that God loves us.”

Franklin liked rattlers, even proposed…

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