Thanksgiving Revisited

Last week I recounted several of the things we have to be grateful for in the ocean and the maritime environment. While some may consider these accomplishments mere footnotes to be buried in a year of frantic activity, I urge you to regard them as important stepping stones to a better future not just for the ocean and the mariners who sail upon them, but for all of us. Why? Because the future of every soul on this planet depends on a healthy ocean and its fragile ecosystems.

With this in mind, I urge you to visit several of the sites below and learn more about the organizations that champion a better ocean. You don’t even have to join them though that would be better. At least by visiting them, you’ll learn a few things you can do to help make Mother Ocean a healthier and safer place for its children and the eight billion children of this planet.

… Greenpeace at uses peaceful protests and communication to expose environmental problems and promote solutions.

… Coral Reef Alliance at promotes the health of coral reefs around the globe.

… Cousteau Society at is all about helping people understand and care for seas and rivers worldwide.

… Marine Conservation Institute at targets key ecosystems around the world and advocates for them.

… Wild Oceans at seeks to curb overfishing and restore depleted fish populations. If you’re a weekend fisherman, you owe them a lot.

… SeaKeepers at energizes the yachting community to protect the world’s oceans. Their motto is: “Research, Educate, Protect, and Restore.”

… The Ocean Project at partners with aquariums, zoos, and museums to promote ocean conservation.

… Waterkeeper Alliance at helps protect rivers, lakes, and coastal waterways worldwide. Like to swim in clean water? Check them out.

… Project Aware at  is all about divers protecting the ocean. Their main focus is on sharks in peril and marine debris.

… Marine Stewardship Council at promotes sustainable fishing; their aim is an ocean teeming with life.

… Sailors for the Sea at helps the sailing and boating community heal the ocean.

… Oceana at seeks to protect the oceans worldwide.

… Dolphin Project is all about stopping the slaughter and exploitation of dolphins.

… Shark Research Institute at conducts research on sharks and promotes their conservation.

… Surfrider Foundation at aims to protect the coast of the United States by helping local groups organize.

… Sea Shepherd Conservation Society at is all about ending the destruction of ocean habitats and the slaughter of Mother Ocean’s children.

… Real Coastal Warriors at is dedicated to restoring the health of the Gulf Coast. They also do a good job making people aware of other environmental disasters worldwide.

For more ideas, visit my October blog titled, Do Some Real Good for the Sea.

I know you’re busy, but if you just take five or ten minutes to check out one or two of these groups, I think you’ll be astounded by what you’ll find. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired to form your own group to save the sea or a river or lake in your community.


One thought on “Thanksgiving Revisited

  1. I never realized there are so may environmental groups working towards doing so much good for the ocean. Anyone who doesn’t click on some of these sites if not all is missing a lot. Thank you. Moe


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